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Jans Ulsts “Laikmetīgā radošā folklora”

Jans Ulsts “Laikmetīgā radošā folklora”

Meistarklasē mēs runāsim par to, kādas tautas dejas struktūras atbilst mūsdienu izpratnei par dejas elementiem. Kā atrast radošumu tautas deju dejotājā un kā dejotāji reaģēja uz doto brīvību. Darbnīca būs par tautas dejas sapludināšanu ar laikmetīgajām improvizācijas prasmēm.

Pirmajā darbnīcas daļā es iepazīstināšu ar savu darbu un metodēm. Otrā daļa būs praktiska un balstīsies Igauņu tautas dejās.

Jaan Ulst “Contemporary Creative Folklore”

In the workshop we talk about what structure of folklore dance resembles with our nowadays comprehension what dance should include. How to find creativity in a folk dancer and how dancers reacted with the given freedom. It is about merging folklore dance with contemporary improvisation skills.

In the first part of the workshop I will introduce my work and methods. Second part will be practical based on Estonian folklore dances.

Jaan Ulst is a freelance choreographer and dance teacher with BA degrees from Tallinn University (EST) and Fontys Dance Academy (NL). In 2015 Jaan graduated MA degree in Tallinn University with a dance production “The Fifth Solstice” in collaboration with Estonian folklore society Leigarid. With the background of contemporary dancer and choreographer who has worked in the Netherlands and in dance productions in Estonia (Vanemuine ballet company etc.), Jaan’s approach to folklore has the aim to open up creativity of a folk dancer. Last production in 2017 by Guerrilla Arts Company “Awakening of the Island” was again based on mythical stories, but allowing the creativity to lead us futher away from folk dance context.

Currently Jaan is based in Tallinn and working as a dance teacher for Leigarid, giving workshops in contemporary dance and organizing the Festival of Lights with the ambition to bring together science, performance arts and live fire concept.

info: www.jaanulst.ee

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