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Continuing the game that was decided upon in my last post, I set out to search for materials available on Latvian dance in Hindi. My first obstacle was to find a way to translate this correctly so I could actually have some relevant search results. My initial searches led to nothing at all as there isn’t a simple way to spell ‘Latvian’ in Hindi owing to multiple pronunciations of the sound ’t’. After repeating the word to myself over and over again to find the right way to say it, I thought I would forget what it means. Fortunately, after countless attempts, I settled on two ways and below, I present to you the seven bits that turned up on the first and second pages, selected by me for specific reasons.

First Search : latvia नृत्य (Approximately 3,650 results in 0.70 seconds)

Translation : latvia nritya


Second search : लात्वियाई नृत्य (Approximately 48 results in 0.73 seconds)

Translation : latviyai nritya


So, what is Latvian Dance?


  1. “Vektors” Riga, Latvia

The very first search takes us to the work of a Folk Dance Ensemble and tells us about their unique style and diverse repertoire. The About section on Facebook tells us “Riga Technical University Folk Dance Ensemble “VEKTORS” is one of the leading dance groups in Latvia joining more than 60 enthusiastic dancers and 3 leaders – Latvian folk dance specialists”.

  1. Latvian traditional folk dance – Govju kazāks

Latvian traditional folk dance by Folk Dance Ensemble Vektors, from Riga, Latvia. Recorded in Viana de Castelo, Portugal, on 31/08/2011.

We continue to get to know “Vektors”, this time through videos of their performances. We get introduced to “Govju Kazāk dance”.

  1. Latvian traditional folk dance: Sudmaliņas & Senais dancis

Latvian traditional folk dance by Folk Dance Ensemble Vektors, from Riga, Latvia. Recorded in Viana de Castelo, Portugal, on 31/08/2011.

Once again, “Vektors” turns up and introduces us to “Sudmaliņas & Senais dancis”.

  1. Space Dog, Riga, Latvia

We are suddenly transported to the night life of Riga with the glimpse of a laid back and eccentric club called Space Dog. According some local tourism websites, it is so named after the legend of Belka and Strelka – the two dogs who were sent into space in 1960 by the Soviet Union.

  1. Fiesta, Riga, Latvia

We further delve into the night life of Riga by looking at Vinoteka Fiesta, another characteristic bar for young people. A reviewer on TripAdvisor gives it 4.5 stars and says, “Vinoteka Fiesta on Gertrudes 19/21 in Riga is a democratic place to relax for mostly Russian speaking young people, students. It has good situation, close to the center, public traffic.”

  1. Centre of Indian Studies and Culture

We deviate a bit from Latvian Dance itself and end up on Dance in Latvia. Hindi results directly take us to the news of the inauguration of the Centre of Indian Studies and Culture in February 2017. We are told, “The audience enjoyed the Indian-Latvian style instrumental music of kokle and the meditative voice of Professor Valdis Muktupavels. They could also admire the gracious Indian dances performed by Aija Dvinska un Larisa Podskochaya. We also see an attempt for expansion in the future with “courses on yoga, Indian Classical music and dance. This shows that a feeling of active cooperation has developed between India and European countries”.

  1. Slavic Companions

Lastly, we are greeted with a link that I do not dare to explore too much. It invites us to find ‘Slavic companions’ for a few hours or a night. Specifically, a Latvian woman called Lady Diana. I continue to be baffled by what Latvian dance could possibly mean in this context.

These are just few links I selected as instances of the kinds of things that seem to be related to Latvian Dance in Hindi. Beyond these links, either we see absolutely unrelated articles or more of the same kind. Next Friday, I return to this blog with reflections on these various sources, their implications for the perception of Latvian dances, and how a person like me can navigate through them.



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